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Well it's here...2015!

Happy New Year everyone!

I love it when it's January and it's time to start again :) Each year brings a new set of brides and a new selection of dresses.It's great when you open your Christmas presents and see whats inside and at this time of the year it's great to open those deliveries and see what's inside too. In the boxes are our new samples which we have ordered in September and you always get excited to see if they are as nice as you thought when you bought them. You also always hope that you have bought well and have dresses that will sell. This can be hard to get right but with experience it gets easier.

We are looking forward to the arrival of three new brands in Edinburgh this month- Ti Adora (we are the only Scottish stockist), David Tutera and Special Days. It is exciting as the three collections are different; one is predominantly champagne based,the other shades of pink and the other a collection of short dresses. Broxburn has also welcomed a new supplier in Modeca and their dresses again are just that wee bit different. Broxburn will also be stocking Benjamin Roberts too. It's an exciting year for both shops as we feel we have strong collections on board to give us a good 2015. As always we will post our new arrivals on facebook and onto our website.

This year marks 20 years of Gwenne's as a company and our 13th year specialising in bridal so we will be having some wee specials throughout the year to celebrate.

I never thought that 20 years ago in April 1995 that my plans and £300 budget would have grown into two busy shops. As we head into 2015 I am thankful that I still love what I do and I still get excited to get to work each day. Thanks again for all your support and business!

Love and best wishes for a great 2015

Gwenne xx

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