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Shop Christmas Lunch 9/12/14

Well we have a fabulous Christmas Lunch on Tuesday at Fabios in Corstorphine. We were all there apart from Jenna who had an exam.

The food was fabulous and we allhad a great time. It was nice for Scott and I to take our team out and say thanks for all their hard work this year. Don't worrry they still get a pressy too ;)

The lunch was tinged with a bit of sadness too as after 6 years Mairi is leaving to concentrate on her finals and career. I don't think she is ever going to really leave ;) but it was nice to mark the event and say thanks for all her hard work too. Over 6 years we have had some great laughs but she has always been a professional and her product knowledge and flair for knowing what suits has been amazing. She has been so much more than a 'saturday girl'. Unfortunately she has a job lined up for after graduation; we always lived in hope we would get her fulltime ;) So we wish her all the best although she will be amazing as a vet nurse and as we all have pets we are hoping to free advice lol.

I have added two photos below but there is more on facebook, Gwenne xx


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